Information of Business and Finance Management program

What is the Business and Finance Management program?

Business and Finance Management is a graduate program that the Institute of Economics, Finance and Management of the Jagiellonian University offers to students aspiring to obtain their master’s degree at the Department of Management and Social Communication.

Promising career paths for our graduates

Our program is meticulously developed to help students gain the necessary knowledge and skills to later thrive in their often challenging professional environments. The program comprises courses that shape our future graduates and prepare them for careers in specialized and management positions, as middle- and top-level managers, analysts, advisers, and consultants in both public and private sector, as well as independent entrepreneurs and business owners.

Always up-to-date program of study

Our bespoke program is created to meet all students’ individual expectations. Perpetual updates reflect ever-changing demands of the global socio-economic environment to give the students the best possible start in the job market.

What are the benefits?

Successful completion of the program provides an impressive educational track record for all graduates. The curriculum courses give students the overall knowledge of and insight into the fields of management, economy, finance, economy and engineering, law and administration, psychology, and sociology, among others.

All-around training of future professional

Prepared and informed, our graduates are empowered to successfully manage and lead anything from start-ups, through small businesses, to large enterprises. They can also easily decide to pursue careers in organizations with foreign investment. This is all due to broad and deep education, and solid training in navigating global socio-economic space.

Empowered with English skills

Students leave the program fluent in English at the C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. They are ready to embark their careers with a strong command of business- and management-oriented English.

Doctoral and post-diploma programs

Graduates that wish to continue their education may enroll in a doctoral and post-diploma programs in social sciences and related fields. They are also fully prepared to obtain industry- or sector-focused certifications to further develop careers in highly specialized professions.


Business and Finance Management is a master’s program, which means that all candidates willing to enroll must have obtained their baccalaureate degrees prior to applying. A good command of English is not only helpful but required for this program. The minimum total of ECTS points is 120. All compulsory courses amount to 94 ECTS points of the total.